In this Summer 2022 highlight, students from our Iceland program share photos and stories from caves to waterfalls on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

This post features student writing by Meredith and Max.

Two students wearing hard hats taking selfie in dark cave.

We started today with the Italian geologist Giuseppe who guided us as we explored a system of tubes formed by cooled lava. As we started our adventure we walked through a vast expanse of stones formed by the same lava that had created the tubes that we were about to see. Looking around there were hills and stones as far as the eye could see. When we arrived we scrambled into the tunnels to see many different rock formations from the little stalagmites formed from dripping lava to iron rich patches formed by the cooling of iron rich lava. But there was not only rocks in the lava tubes. Some parts of the tube were alive with vibrant green moss and ferns decorating their floor and walls. As we walked back we were struck by the otherworldly terrain that made up the landscape. There was something so surreal about the environment something that I thought we could only have seen in science fiction movie.


After visiting the amazing lava tubes and hiking down the mossy mountainside, we drove to a new location on the coast, where we enjoyed lunch, went on a small zip line, and explored the landscape. We spotted an adorable arctic fox right before we headed to a gorgeous spot that the locals enjoy. We completed a mini hike to check out the scenery from higher up, then turned around to head to the next view in the same area. The group saw an amazing waterfall, complete with a view of the some horses and sheep.

Small arctic fox in grass.

Waterfall in front of green grass.

Two students looking into distant green field.

Group of students smiling in front of rolling fog.

After this amazing day full of activities, our driver, Thor, took us back to the town where we reside, and we enjoyed a nice dinner and some free time exploring the town (in groups of 3 of course!).

— Meredith & Max